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Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 is coming soon – release information and game news

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During Call of Duty Event, fans got their official view at Warzone, we providing you with discovered lately news.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 is coming soon - release information and game news

Warzone system requirements and release date information

Call of Duty – is a shooter game with battle royale mode, coming on most consoles & desktop.

Story reveals

Hardly anything worth mentioning Warzone’s plot has indeed properly verified. Warzone’s area previously featured Infinity Ward’spre-release plot of Modern Warfare, therefore we could notice some parts of Modern Warfare’s lore in Warzone.

Reworked battlefield & advanced gameplay.

Reworked battlefield for Call of Duty -Al Mazrah, located somewhere in dunes around imaginary area of Western Asia. It displays a diverse range of location, providing deserts, oasis, big cities and villages. Long-time COD players may recognize certain classic locations, that appeared in previous games.

Al Mazrah contain circular mode in Warzone, with numerous circles forming at same time. These areas will separate and transform into “smaller areas” later they should quickly retrun to original shape, in order to provide varied gameplay.

Much complicated Gulag

Reworked battlefield should contain “Gulag 2.0” in which participants have competed inside a 4 player battlefield rather than standard 1v1 field. That unique Gulag is a great place to loot firearms, the following methods are used in cooperation to keep each team alive. Read our complete guide about Warzone’s Gulag victory strats.

Redesigned Gunsmith in MW2

Newly added redesigned gun modification function from Call of Duty will be showed in Warzone. One different platform concept in Infinity Ward’s entirely updated Gunsmith was meant reduce attachments grind popular in previous games. Gamers don’t have to spend endless hours acquiring an accessory for other rifles so since unlocking a gun in same shared model with the similar attachments are also acquired and available for newly picked firearms. Check out some specifics on how Modern Warfare alters gun modification itself.

New DMZ Leaks

Mentioned above, DMZ extraction mode, playable throughout whole location, was officialy provided by Infinity Ward. Company simply teased that DMZ should be played as “sandbox adventure.” Details upon the scenario will be accessible sooner after official game release. The beta will also include basic core modes like team deathmatch and domination along with prissoner rescue.

Updated machinery, artificial intelligence, motion physics

Infinity Ward claims that Warzone & Modern Warfare – developed from scratch, rest assured previous firearms, and supplies, present in Modern Warfare included in the Warzone gameplay. Ships, heavy machinery, new battlefield Improvements, swimming and other abilities are included. Read our article about Modern Warfare overview for a complete concept of mobility and key options of both titles.

Al Mazrah may as well provide new powerful AI, that as publisher claims could provide greater consequences of better, authentic battle simulations during gameplay. This is only single element of Infinity Ward’s unique AI usage within Modern Warfare & Warzone, as you already noticed, company suggested earlier, had the purpose of creating lifelike foes or friends.

Furthermore, in the new concept of game, available cars in battle royale mode would no more get an infinite amount of gasoline. Cars in Warzone may eventually run low onfuel like in other popular games, you can refill the on gasoline stations. Car tires may also get blasted out, but eventually player can get them fixed. Adding such a requirement affecting gasoline could reduce overall number of cars in Warzone’s single battles, particularly during endgame stage.

Activision has made a statement, about Warzone, based on popularity of Call of Duty, would be released at the end of 2023 including reworked terrain. On September 2022, gameplay trailerl with some information was announced onCall of Duty Event, so we’ve compiled a list of known modifications mentioned in prequel towards famous battle royale. Also in 2023 it will be rich in releases and of course we are waiting for Diablo 4

Prevent players from cheating

Developers team revealed that COD Ricochet (anti-cheat software) security software would be involved worldwide before official alpha of both game titles. Furthermore, company mentioned Ricochet has greatly modified, receiving extra modules to prevent cheaters in multiplayer matchmaking.

Watch the most important info since Call of Duty Next, including information on the newly unveiled Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile gameplay. Furthermore, thats all the news we have right now.


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