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The closed Diablo 4 Endgame Beta – upcoming release on November 2022

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Blizzard recently announced a restricted beta of Diablo 4’s late-game feature stuff available next month.

Blizzard has confirmed that Diablo 4 has begun a limited beta test featuring late-game stuff. Nightmare dungeons are the focus of future beta gameplay., Hell mountains, in addition to other features.

The official Diablo website posted an article about a restricted beta test that might begin in the following months and will be completely locked on late-game stuff in the so beloved demon slaying game. According to the official dev’s post, such an emphasis was made in part to prevent major plot spoilers relatively near official pre-release since their major goal is to give enough time to make all the essential upgrades affecting game late game mechanics.

Beta testing will include several playable events during the restricted beta testing period. Hillside is one of those special modes, a worldwide campaign including stronger varieties of standard monsters with Cinder loot, all of which may be exchanged to unlock seasonal loot boxes found all around the game world. The main game will also have “Nightmare Dungeons,” which are enhanced adaptations of typical lairs featuring additional power upgrades, “Whisper of the Dead,” a looping quest feature at the late game, and “Paragon Boards,” a mode permit users to earn extra strength once they achieved the hero leveling cap.

Fields of Hate, which are challenging Player versus Player tournaments awaiting most skilled players, shall be part of the public test. Diablo devs also stated that anyone who was playing a certain amount of time, such games as Diablo 3 and Diablo 2, mainly in late game parts of both versions, will be invited to join the public test.

Users can now request an invitation by subscribing to the Diablo beta page. But it’s not guaranteed for everyone. Blizzard has now stated that an open beta should launch in early 2023 for anyone who was not able to get their invitations.

An hour of Diablo playthrough with Barbarian was recently leaked on YouTube. Diablo was meant to be playable within the first quarter of 2023 and ported to most consoles, including the PC version.


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