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Rise of the Triad’s ‘ludicrous’ The 4K remaster coming out in early 2023

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One of the fans of Guerrilla Games, especially the Horizon series of games, posted an illustration showing various creatures transforming into mechanical units typical of such games. The image is quite impressive, all generated by AI, though it reveals some limitations of such automatic art software: it seems complicated for them to interpret the message at once thoroughly.

After originally posting on the Horizon subreddit, a user named hefeglass mentioned the compilation of 9 animal machines created with Stable’s Diffusion software with the help of AI. As a result, the current thread attracted lots of Horizon fans, who were mostly discussing the spectacular way of these works of art.

Pictures demonstrate a pleasant potential future inside the Horizon game world, where different types of creatures are transformed into gigantic robotic enemies that Aloy can hunt and loot. Some spectacular examples were rabbit look alike foes that seem to expand their size into giant ones that can use their mighty feet to stampede across the combat field. Each artwork shows a unique twist among Horizon series art style: some look like lovely companions, while others look like horrifying bosses.

AI-generated enemies

Indeed, like AI art often works, there are some defects in layout design resulting from using automatized software and not employing a real designer. These concepts attempt to mimic some enemies from Horizon. It looks weird to see how was the fur and fish scales designed in several image examples, such as the rabbit-looking guy mentioned above. This slight disadvantage shows the limits of AI software usage, But it works for the benefit of fans like hefeglass, who want to check how certain concepts are being brought to life.

You can’t but appreciate how amazing some visual effects look, knowing that most of them give an impressive result that almost brings Horizon: Forbidden West and Shadow of the Colossus together because of the scale of some units. The ability of AI to create such concepts is simply impressive when you see them in live motion. However, the comparative recency of such software is still a matter of dispute among artists, even those creating fan art for video games such as Horizon: The Forbidden West. Therefore, it could be a good idea for fans to gain knowledge of software such as Stable Diffusion with caution. Rest assured that visual artists involved in this work will agree to use some of their unique styles in-game.

It’s a historically significant game to bring back on a modern engine. The Ludicrous edition will contain all the original episodes and level editor. 

Horizon: Forbidden West is already available for PS4 and PS5.


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