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Unreleased GameBoyAdvance project Dune comes out after two decades

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Finally, after over two decades, the unreleased Dune is available under Elland: The Crystal Wars. After Soft Brigade’s commercial partner, Cryo Inc., went bankrupt, the work on the project took place on hold for a while. Players in Dune: Ornithopter Assault were supposed to step into the role of a pilot working for House Atreides on the Arrakis world.

Retro Room, a corporation focusing on the maintenance of video games, has released Elland: The Crystal Wars, a port of the successful Kickstarter campaign Dune: Ornithopter Assault, which gained around $22,000.

Retro Room claims that back in 2001, game founders began to work on a big GBA project inspired by a well-known series. The concept idea might have been too heavy, as it terminated in 2002, and the group disbanded. Twenty years after its first announcement, this game is finally available in the Steam store without the official approval of the original concept. Try out this improved emulation of the game right now.

Developers changed the game’s title and other aspects according to copyright issues. Elland, a barren desert planet at the furthest limit of the universe, replaces Arrakis as a player location.

Game designers describe that the world, in which there is nothing but meager life, is controlled by the Elland local thugs, who mine gemstones and resources required to construct an alien spaceship.

Elland was once a deserted place, but now it’s a fantastic and much-coveted area due to its rich mineral reserves. The Trafford, the universe’s most outstanding manufacturer of spaceships and military hardware, is a threat to all, and gamers must protect themselves against it. The organization is acclaimed as hostile, meaning it generally achieves its goals by leveraging its economy and firepower.

Players can play through 23 different stages. Modern features include:

  • Gamepad compatibility.
  • Cloud storage for saving files.
  • Resolution scaling.
  • The ability to save the process in any location.

Feel free to test it out, as it is already available on Steam for $15.99.


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