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Bayonetta 3 finally returning after 7 years

Who among us doesn’t like Bayonetta ?

Bayonetta is a powerful witch who casts powerful demon-summoning spells by getting naked and dancing. If you think we are exaggerating, make sure you have watched the trailer video. Bayonetta wields her sexuality like a weapon, and she wields her weapons like weapons as well. Even her shoes include a pair of machine guns. The point is there are a lot of firearms wielding going on, and Bayonetta remains one of the unique and iconic characters across all video games to this day.

It doesn’t hurt that the game she fronts is also a pretty top-tier and intoxicating mix of deep expressive combat, a wide range of otherworldly weaponry, a massive bestiary of foes to beat down, and some genuinely unforgettable set-piece moments. All fused to create this relentless roller-coaster style experience. So if you haven’t played a Bayonetta game to this point – you should.

Bayonetta 3 follows in that exact tradition of previous games. Without giving too much away, awful things are happening in the game world, demons appear, and the last chance to defeat evil is with a fast kick to the face. Bayonetta will often change her outfit, using powerful demon energy to support her in combat against the evil. Bayonetta 3 maintains emphasis on fast, accurate demon-slayer action that we have experienced in the first 2 parts.

It all begins with the weaponry. Each weapon links to a demon under your control. The most familiar experience is firing from her diamond handguns. When you perform those hits, your combos will let you shape-shift into Madame Butterfly, who can dash in various enemies to deliver the death blow. Meanwhile, other weapons, such as the one Rodin gives Bayonetta – a new toy sure to please her in all the right ways. That G-Pillar weapon gives you ranged attacks like a cannon, along with some combos, resulting in a mini Gomorrah transformation, swinging his giant claws for significant AOE damage or clapping single-target foes. There are plenty more weapons aligned to as much more demons.

So the weapons, combos, and finishers are just one part of the equation. That link to a demon also impacts traversal and even exploration. Equipping the dual handguns allows you to transform into Madame Butterfly while exploring, and she moves quickly, allowing you to explore space faster. If you equip the G-Pillar, you can transform into a mini Gomorrah, unlocking the charge jump and allowing you to cross huge distances that open up new exploration areas.

This is similar to the beast within transformation from previous games, but with a lot more personality infused this time and more functionality than that last transformation ever provided.

Exploration isn’t a massive feature of Bayonetta 3. Still, it’s something, as many collectibles and combat challenges lay off the main path, and these demonic forms and traversal tools certainly enrich that side of the gameplay formula.

In contrast to carrying two pairs of firearms and easily swapping between them, the Player may capture up to three different demons, each of which will fight at your side. Pressing the LT button may bring that demon into combat, and the Player can command that hell spawn until he releases the LT button. Deploying such an ally in any battle will serve you as additional support. Players walk around the battlefield when controlling a demon. In addition to the default set of attacks, demons have their skills. Some monsters may be leveled up on the skill-tree tab to perform deadly combos.

It appears that that long seven-year delay has been worth it, and we expect that all Bayonetta and PlatinumGames fans will be delighted when the final product arrives on October 28.


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