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Warzone 2.0 – new battle royale

On the last Call of Duty Next event, Activision revealed the complete Warzone 2.0 release date. Warzone 2.0 will be on the shelves on November 16 this year for most consoles and Desktop PC. After tweeting that the “next-gen” Call of Duty game is coming soon, this version will not be playable on last-generation consoles.

Since Microsoft decides to buy Activision, the release of Warzone 2 on PlayStation is a good call, and fans will look forward to the launch day. While there has been much speculation about the status of Activision titles, rest assured the franchise will remain cross-platform for the coming years.

The basic FPS shooter experience in Warzone is comparable to its previous version. However, referring to the latest demonstration, we now know some important in-game details. Regarding the shooting, it uses the same concept as MW2, and mobility and firearm advancement will remain the same in both games.

The impact of Warzone 2 is yet unknown. MW2 has a very short match time. However, Warzone lets you wear armor. The movement mechanics will receive some improvements to add realism. You may shoot your weapon from cover or fall on the ground right into a prone.

The new Gulag introduces 2v2 battle as an essential gameplay feature. There are also enemies with artificial intelligence, and an occasional antagonist boss named Jailer arrives. The most notable difference is the loot in the Gulag location, which you take with you if you survive.

The developer’s team will significantly improve Warzone 2’s underwater gameplay.

It will appear in MW2, we may assume, that developers will include it in battle Royale too. While the player is swimming, various devices & equipment respond differently. When triggered in water, your decoy, for example, will appear as swimming.

Players may find Strongholds all over the battlefield and work as AI outposts with unusual loot and special weapons. There are far more AI foes on AL Mazrah than in the previous part.

Also, the new shop tab is worth mentioning, where players may purchase items while playing a game.

Take a look at the new content:

– Squadmate revives: Much like in Warzone, you may revive a comrade who has been shoot in action or has not returned from the Gulag.

– Buy Gear: Similar to the default Shop Station. You may buy items and additional equipment for your character.

– Limited Inventory: designers may restrict specific item quantities and make them no longer available for the player after acquiring them.

– Purchase Weapon: Before the game starts, your primary goal should be thinking about your personalized guns for your next match in Al Mazrah.

– Unique guns may be acquired in this location. Important note that this replaces a complete Arsenal. Custom weapons are created at the arms dealer and then purchased here. They consume your weaponry space. In-game loot is rich with valuable equipment. No perks will be accessible in Warzone 2.0

Developers showed Warzone 2.0’s launch date, an MW2 online mode, and additional details about mobile versions.

Al Mazrah is the largest COD location, which initially leaked earlier this year. The desert was described as a “unique contrast of topography” with industrial zones, villages, and cities. There are several tunnels and underground regions to investigate, allowing the player to swim over POI on the map.

Game developers have also announced a significant update that redesigns battle royale circles. Typically, these games, such as Fortnite or Apex Legends, use a huge circle that slowly gets smaller so that battles don’t last too long. Warzone 2.0, on the other hand, uses a unique strategy involving several circles that separate and merge by the end of the match.



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