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Blacktail Preview – A Fairy tale Delight

You begin Blacktail by wandering in a dream world. Until your dream rolls into a nightmare. You are a skillful hunter who knows how to draw a bow and make arrows. Awaken from your nightmare soon enough, but Blacktail retains its surreal appearance. You’re exploring a beautiful and colorful woodland, with beautiful artwork of the sun hovering over you and challenged to rescue your sister. You see a hedgehog attempting to grab an apple in a tree after shooting a deer to get food – the first decision you should make in-game.

Morality is not a new thing that video games have attempted to involve. Indeed, one might claim that narratives about moral choices are overhyped in games, trying to make the Blacktail game more courageous. Every in-game action affects your moral system, whether it’s destroying a beehive or bringing angry bees into a flower. These moral decisions are essential because your trip through Blacktail will differ according to your behavior.


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