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FIFA 23 Review – Same Name, Same Game

Another year has come. FIFA 23 is out, and we’ll be playing the same game again that we’ve been playing for 25 years. Essentially, it’s just the same game each time. FIFA is always the same, but it shows how much the series has evolved in 25 years. Looking only at the previous version of FIFA 22, some little game changes exist. It seems primitive, but the sequel to FIFA has a full-fledged new game mode. Quoting a soccer cliché, we’ll take a stand ahead of time and say little to no Ultimate Team here. Rest assured, many reviews in various forms focus exclusively on Ultimate Team. But here we go exact opposite case. Players got quite a little experience in the current game, and despite spending hours and hours on FIFA every year, we can’t say much about new features. We received 4,600 credits for the article; our team had not had much left after wasting them all—our most valuable ones, Coman and Son, on a three-game loan.

After that, Trippier was our MVP. As Newcastle supporters, we can feel the emotions that come with the unveiling of more impressive players. However, if you want to practice online as Kieran Trippier, you may try yourself as Newcastle or England. Having spent about £35, our team doesn’t think it’s worth it. Let’s talk about other game aspects.

Main new features that a lot of people wanted to see:

  • You can create a new player
  • You can use a real player
  • You can create a new manager or play as a real one

In this year’s edition, we have some changes in the game mechanics, but they are actual changes in the game, not upgrades or fixes.

Dribbling has become more complex when running speed turns out way more important and players are further apart. To put it another way, knocking down, running, and using skill move does more than regular dribbling with a stick.

Tackles appear more powerful, although they occur less frequently due to new placement for players. Cross button move was the best in years, making about half of my scores, if not more.

The heading doesn’t seem to be as crucial as the cross-move. Saint-Maximin scored three goals in our gameplay, while my progress on the story was only in November. This is limited to influential players, especially as the average player (We hope Miguel Almiron and Joe Willock will not mind us) can make powerful and accurate cross moves outside your foot. We’ve created a roster full of Cancelos, and all of my attackers were a combo of Tim Cahill and Peter Crouch.

A vital feature of this release is HyperMotion2, an upgrade to this system released in previous versions. This is partly due to more complex dribbling, which strangely displaces slightly higher speed dribbling built on technical ability New Power Kick allows gamers to equalize their power kick before kicking the ball home. Unfortunately, the gameplay feels slow, making the game resemble Mario Strikers, which is far from realistic. This is, however, helpful addition to your arsenal, and it is really exciting to witness Callum Wilson or Bruno Guimares score it from 25 yards. Furthermore, the visuals are quite terrible. It tells you the xG of HyperMotion2 assisted in your shots. However, it’s completely incorrect. We left several awful defenders. With Pope sprinting across his goal, Michail Antonio was unmarked on the edge of the six-yard box. His xG was 2, which is close. Alas, Antonio was not there as we lost 3-2 to West Ham. During the replay overview, you notice many unnecessary lines, curves, and grids.

Career Mode is no longer FIFA’s main feature but keeps people returning each year.

It’s mostly the same, with one notable difference concerning transfers. You now get a rating for how much funds you spend on every transfer, which has no effect but has forced us to push even harder on agreements, obtain cheaper players, charge more for departures, and interrogate newcomers during contract discussions.

In other words, when you sign a player, a quick cinematic shows them arriving at the stadium, getting a medical, and then posing with you in their shirt. It’s a great experience to see James Maddison and Joo Pedro dressed in cartoon shirts. We also acquired a talented kid Wahi. The melancholy marches out of the club for the last time you take every time you sell them are the opposite of these feel-good videos. We felt like we were leading Jacob Murphy out the back door to execution.

We don’t usually include the term review itself in reviews, but we think it’s beyond embarrassing here. During the preview period, eight separate embargoes for different features over two weeks existed, and it was an unprecedented style of embargo designed to please content creators.

YouTubers and others have dedicated their careers to FIFA in ways journalists cannot. So I don’t blame EA for making it easy, but:

  • it shares content with creators in a wider way,
  • it’s FIFA’s moneymaker and part of a wider pattern that forces more attention on Ultimate Team.

You are always at the center of attention on these channels.

This was the last FIFA to be known as FIFA and was a turning point in the series, which will reportedly soon be noticable by the dreaded name EA Sports FC. If FIFA wants to focus only on the online mode powered by microtransactions and only cater to the creators, then maybe they should recognize that it’s a live game and start doing the same. This is a question asked by most of FIFA’s casual fan base – unlikely that many of them know they’re right to give a name.

Will players switch to EA Sports FC, or will they continue to support it yearly? If the original idea of all games like FIFA (FIFA considers itself more of an online game than a sports simulator) has gone to a free-play mode with season passes, should they still play this game? FIFA 23 remains the same game, perhaps the last good game.


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