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Resident Evil 4 preview – reimagining old school classics

Next year, we will finally be able to play the Resident Evil 4 remake. According to the gameplay trailer, the game looks more challenging, graphical, and way better than the original game. Capcom’s attempt to relaunch the franchise resulted in one of the most popular games, from which the developers draw their inspiration to this […]


God of War Ragnarök previews

Early Impressions God of War (2018) formed a unique and intriguing approach for the franchise meanwhile completely praising all that had taken place in the past of Kratos’ saga. We have been introduced to a unique insight into Kratos’ hard living and his effort to create a different life. Everything ended up pretty OK while […]


Slime Rancher 2 – Early Access

Explore a colorful new world, collect wonderful new slimes and build a new home on the Rainbow Island. Slime Rancher, and the latest game, Slime Rancher 2, is one of the most relaxing and addicting experiences ever created. The developers have managed to create something unique and build upon that in the latest installment, laying […]


Planet Of Lana Preview – A brand-new adventure world

Fantastic visuals and a lot of “Ghibli-Esque” charm creates a fun puzzle game. I was immediately intrigued when I first saw Planet of Lana during Summer Festival in 2021. Gorgeous hand-painted visuals, soft music, creative riddles, and a cute monkey-looking dog creature. Whatever it is, it has already convinced me that this game is a […]


Bayonetta 3 finally returning after 7 years

Who among us doesn’t like Bayonetta ? Bayonetta is a powerful witch who casts powerful demon-summoning spells by getting naked and dancing. If you think we are exaggerating, make sure you have watched the trailer video. Bayonetta wields her sexuality like a weapon, and she wields her weapons like weapons as well. Even her shoes […]