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METAL: Hellsinger – rhythm-based FPS shooter

Hellsinger is a typical FPS shooter, and in terms of games understanding – eight levels, six weapons, and the pretty same bosses (except for the last) might not sound like a big thing, and it is a small game, and there is nothing to say. The uniqueness of Hellsinger comes from the fact that it […]


Hyper Demon – stunning FPS game

Hyper Demon – is an arena-like FPS shooter that is simply awesome. This is a sequel to Devil Daggers 2016, with the familiar hand in the middle of the screen. The game retains many elements, like killing demons and getting gems for upgrades to get a high score. However, it looks like this developer has […]


FIFA 23 Review – Same Name, Same Game

Another year has come. FIFA 23 is out, and we’ll be playing the same game again that we’ve been playing for 25 years. Essentially, it’s just the same game each time. FIFA is always the same, but it shows how much the series has evolved in 25 years. Looking only at the previous version of […]