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The Best VR Headset Quest 2

While virtual reality is one of those devices that are far from becoming a must-have, this might be an amazing approach for entering a fascinating VR universe. The Meta (previously Oculus) Quest 2 is considered as an outstanding VR device among gamers, thanks to ease-of-use and providing access to most products and entertainment. As you […]


PlayStation VR – pros and cons

If you decide to play VR on your console, the PlayStation headset is the right choice (and the only available at the moment). “PS VR provides interesting titles with an incredibly simple device you can afford,” said famous editor Sherri L. Smith. With its futuristic design, the device is comfortable to wear, with a great […]


Best Premium Option – Vive Pro 2 Headset

Tethered or Mobile: Tethered | Field of View: 120 If you’re looking for the ultimate VR game sessions, take a look at Vive Pro 2. This headset significantly outperforms its competitors, taking the lead in three of our five specs. The current headset features large play areas, excellent tracking, a compact design, and stunning graphics […]


What is the best VR battery extender? In this article, we will talk about the VR Power 2 accessory.

VR Power 2 is a must-have accessory for any VR player. I decided to play some games on my Quest 2, so I ordered a battery extender to test it out. I expected it to last 3-4 hours, yet the final result surprised me. The VR Power 2 lasted for about 7 hours of active […]


HTC Vive Flow – The lightest VR headset on the market

Is it worth buying? The HTC Vive Flow headset is super light, with a weight of 190 grams, like wearing heavy glasses. So right now, it is the most lightweight VR headset available. It’s still just glasses; most of the weight will remain at your nose bridge. Furthermore, It may be very light, but a […]


Charging Dock Station for Meta Quest 2

NexiGo is a company that presented some fascinating devices. It competes with well-known names like VR Cover and Kiwi Designs for the finest Oculus Quest 2 and Meta Quest 2 add-ons. Rest assured, these American brand products can be compared to other devices. They include a traveling case, handles for touch sticks, and even a […]


PlayStation virtual reality 2 comes with Immersive technology

The PlayStation VR2 headset is now officially in the hands of some big developers, including some big names in VR and news reporters. And with this first hands-on, we got all the details about the VR headset, including some fantastic VR games. Because Sony showed off their upcoming titles, which are: Horizon Resident Evil 8 […]


Pancake Lenses

Meta expects to release four new headsets using Qualcomm chips and pancake lens technology. Current technology keeps up panels thinner at lower spacing and hence a sleeker and brighter visor. Because pancake lenses have poor light transmission, the display must remain slightly brighter to provide the same amount of original brightness, which wastes more power. […]


Magic Leap 2 – the future of AR technology

Magic Leap 2 has already got a launch date and an estimated price. This is an upgraded model of the company’s augmented reality (AR) device, announced at the beginning of 2020. But that was shortly before the pandemic and just a couple of months after company co-founder Roni Abowitz abandoned his post as CEO. Since […]