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PlayStation VR – pros and cons

If you decide to play VR on your console, the PlayStation headset is the right choice (and the only available at the moment). “PS VR provides interesting titles with an incredibly simple device you can afford,” said famous editor Sherri L. Smith.

With its futuristic design, the device is comfortable to wear, with a great selection of constantly increasing projects. Games like Star Wars Battlefront, Eve: Valkyrie, Batman, and Astro Bot are available.

PSVR is one of the inexpensive options if you want to look at VR (for PlayStation 4 or Pro version owners), mainly because you don’t need a high-end desktop PC to play VR. You will get a worthy VR session with advanced Move accessories and motion detection.


+Great selection of available games


+Fair price


-Inaccurate camera calibration

-Moderate resolution with 90-120 Hz

Another important aspect: PS5 supports PS VR, and the only issue is that it does not work well with the Move controllers. However, there is good news: the PSVR 2 device is under active development and will include a new set of controllers. We already have a release date of PS VR – February 22, 2023.


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