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Best Premium Option – Vive Pro 2 Headset

Tethered or Mobile: Tethered | Field of View: 120

If you’re looking for the ultimate VR game sessions, take a look at Vive Pro 2. This headset significantly outperforms its competitors, taking the lead in three of our five specs. The current headset features large play areas, excellent tracking, a compact design, and stunning graphics that accommodate players wearing glasses. You will actually get only the best experience while playing on the Vive Pro 2.

Nevertheless, even high-end performance has certain flaws in the ever-changing world of VR devices. Talking about setup, the Vive Pro 2 lacks customization, and setting up an array of sensors around your play area is required to enable the best tracking. And, as if the price wasn’t high enough, this headset requires a high-end PC for smooth gameplay, which most laptops can’t provide.


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