What is the best VR battery extender? In this article, we will talk about the VR Power 2 accessory. - UltraVR Media

What is the best VR battery extender? In this article, we will talk about the VR Power 2 accessory.

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VR Power 2 is a must-have accessory for any VR player.

I decided to play some games on my Quest 2, so I ordered a battery extender to test it out. I expected it to last 3-4 hours, yet the final result surprised me.

The VR Power 2 lasted for about 7 hours of active usage. Meanwhile, my Quest 2 battery remained at 100%. So I spent the whole day testing it out.

So rest assured, Rebuff Reality’s battery accessory for Quest 2 is a perfect choice. The VR Power 2 comes with a powerful battery located on the backside of the Quest or Elite Strap, and Rebuff claims it is not compatible with the Elite Battery extender. Select only the suitable device if you decide to extend your playtime while using VR. Unlike the old version, the increased weight guarantees comfortable device use, with Velcro straps, when the assembly is easy enough.

However, the market has evolved since Rebuff introduced a brand-new VR Power for the classic headset, which competes directly with Meta Quest. The other question is, which accessory is best for your headset?

This is primarily an economic issue and depends on capacity & price. First of all, Rebuff certainly got fair competition with Elite; our last year’s research observed that the strap provided approximately 2 hours of gameplay, totaling five in-game hours. The current device has twice as much battery capacity (we are not talking about native Quest battery), giving you around 9 hours of gameplay. Of course, you won’t play in VR for a long time, but it would be the perfect purchase if you prefer long gaming sessions. The price varies in direct relation to the comfort of the device.

You can purchase it separately for $70. You can use it as an original strap without requiring additional accessories. It is a reasonable price compared to the $130 Elite, especially considering the optional travel case.

Important note: you may not find any noticeable difference when using this headset accessory. I also encountered the problems mentioned in the article on classic Quest 2 and was only able to play for a few minutes until the head pressure became unbearable for me.

That extra playing time isn’t worth it if you can’t even use the device for long periods. However, if you’ve never had this difficulty with the original strap, this choice should satisfy you.

However, everything changed when we tried to attach this accessory to Elite Strap. I felt a significant change in weight pressure, with the VR Power 2 positioned right atop the mount. Shortly, I had to adjust the accessory, moving it around, so the device wasn’t pressing against my head. After that, I could play just fine.

The price of only $50 and additional batteries for $20 makes this combo much cheaper than the official battery release for the Oculus, which tends to have a lot of problems with breakdowns.

However, if you prefer to play until the battery runs out, such an extension would provide extra time for game sessions.

Some users have noticed that Meta’s Elite straps are notorious for tearing, and while my kit, purchased two years ago, still holds up, there is no guarantee that the increased weight of the VR Power 2 will not affect your device. So consequently, you end up with a massive amount of extra playability.

Is it safe to use?

Power and voltage options should make you understand that if you connect a power supply, additional battery, or even a power bank that doesn’t meet system requirements, it should alter the functionality of the battery. And over time, some malfunctioning could occur, such as a drastic reduction of the charge and charging problems. For example, you are lengthening the recharge time or even the battery’s inability to recharge. So make sure that the battery pack meets the requirements of your VR headset.

Even if you occasionally stress the battery with non-perfect charging practices, you will switch to a new device before you notice any serious battery capacity degradation. But these best practices are helpful for those who plan on keeping your Quest 2 for years to come.

VR Power 2 accessory – Final Thoughts

The VR Power 2 is a handy solution to increase the device’s battery capacity much more than most users need and provide minor improvements during the VR session. Honestly, the regular Quest strap seems uncomfortable to use for a long time, especially with an extra battery. On the other hand, such an add-on sits perfectly on the Elite belt.

The $130 VR Power 2 and Elite Strap set competes with Meta’s current Elite Battery Extender. If you are a die-hard VR gamer who often spends seven-plus hours in Quest 2, you should get VR Power 2. However, if you prefer shorter sessions, the aesthetics of the Elite Battery Strap with an additional case will be a perfect choice.


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