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Sony has quit working on VR games.

The team who developed PlayStation VR Worlds and Blood & Truth has revealed something non-related to VR. PlayStation London Studio is certainly among the most forward-thinking game developers. They are known for creating top-rated applications for consoles and devices, most notably PS VR, in the last 20 years. The trial game PS VR Worlds, marketed […]


Meta Quest – new limitations for Rec Room players.

Rec Room will be suspending ‘Junior Accounts’ shortly, prohibiting players under 13, so they will not enjoy the VR experience on other Meta devices. Rec Room claims in a comment that Meta is asking the biggest VR playground (and all software developers) to restrict accessibility for kids under 13. In the other case, the administration […]


Demeo: VR board game, finally received AR feature.

Developers have already announced that they will continue to improve the functionality. Demeo is a turn-based board game where you can cooperate with other players to discover dungeons rich in valuables and monsters. There is a single-player mode as well as multiplayer. Demeo developers released a newer version for Meta Quest 2 and Pro at […]


VR Tabletop RPG Demeo DLC Al

A new RPG dungeon crawler that brings everything from traditional tabletop gameplay into unique VR gameplay. Being a game that attempts to bring a feeling of sitting at a table playing a board game, Demeo most likely became something more than just a game. Once in a VR headset, things feel quite different as you […]


Top MMORPG games for VR:Zenith The Last City

MMOs are the most awaited VR content, and we are still waiting for some big projects. By now, you may expect to see virtual reality games like Roblox VR or World of Warcraft VR on the Quest. However, some projects may never be available due to VR system restrictions. Nevertheless, several MMO VR projects deserve […]


Among Us is coming to VR this fall

Coming to us by way of creators Inner Sloth and award-winning VR devs Shell Games, the creators behind the “I Expect You To Die” series Until You Fall, and many others. VR edition of Among us would feature crews of four to ten players online. It will place you in a complete 3D location of […]