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Bonelab launched on Quest, earns $1M after one hour, sets a new record on the platform as the fastest-selling game

Meta representatives reported at the yearly Connect conference, held by the company, that Bonelab, developed by Stress Level Zero, accumulated $1 million within a mere one hour after it had become available. Consequently, it became the quickest seller for Quest 2. Bonelab, which appeared last month, is based on features from Boneworks, an action-adventure game, […]


Adobe Substance 3D Modeler goes beyond Beta as Version 1.0 (for PC) arrives

Adobe Substance 3D Modeler goes beyond Beta as Version 1.0 (for PC) arrives complete with virtual reality support. The tool is now included in the Substance 3D collection offered by Adobe. Said app collection besides Modeler features Sampler, Designer, Stager, and 3D Painter. Customers can use all the items in the collection after subscribing to […]


Take a look at Star Wars Virtual Reality Gameplay

Last week, a modder enthusiast uploaded a YouTube video of Star Wars gameplay in Virtual Reality. The mod is still a work in progress, but you can already see the trailer as a fantastic shooter ported to VR. This Simon Brown port has motion-controlled lightsabers alongside a block of approaching shots, making it ideal for […]


Bonelab brings the next generation of VR Gaming

It took a while, but Bonelab is finally compatible with Meta Quest 2 and desktop virtual reality devices. This experimental action platformer, the newest VR game by Stress Level Zero studio, will send the player on a journey across many in-game stages, each with unique foes, puzzles, and interesting missions. Bonelab, like Boneworks, offers an […]


Liteboxer – VR Fitness App with Full-Body Workouts

The Liteboxer VR app received a full body mode update that is fun and utilizes the nature of virtual reality in a way that makes sense and gives you a great workout experience without you even realizing it. Full Body Workout Developers provide you with stuff outside of boxing. You have battle ropes that are […]


Warhammer 40K Free-Roam VR Game Coming Soon

Try on your superhuman space soldier equipment in the brand-new multiplayer game. Zero Latency, is considered as a worldwide provider of VR projects based on locations, revealed on September 2022 – a collaboration alongside Games Workshop to produce giant world VR game based on the extra-violent Warhammer 40K series. The project will possibly be announced […]


Hellsweeper: A delightful dark fantasy with wild combat moves

Hellsweeper – on of the most expected VR projects, expected by the end of current year, and after watching a short gameplay trailer, we can hardly await to for the release date. Mixed Realms is well-known primarily for its famous Sairento concept, which the newcoming Hellsweeper, a fighting videogame taking in deep mystical adventure. Originaly […]


Colossal Cave – Reimagined by Roberta Williams – returning to VR this Autumn

Sierra titles may be unfamiliar to you, but rest assured you’ve played any popular game past 45 years, you’ve walked among its footsteps. Originaly released franchise’s in 1976 year – among the first entirely text-quests, such amazing adventure becamed mainstream. Whenever player complete a maze by applying some inventory items or surroundings in creative ways. […]


Collect bankable rewards by playing such games as Clash of Clans and Brawl Stars!

Mana VR allows user to manage their Manaverse savings inside highly interactive VR, allowing users to monitor their activity, verify current transfers, send or receive funds. “The entire Mana community was really interested in innovation and games.” Virtual reality is clearly the future, and it’s exploding with VR gaming,” stated Steve Mautone, General Manager of […]


Cave Digger 2: Dig Harder Sends Players on an exciting Adventure in the Deep Underground

Cave Digger 2: Dig Harder can be downloaded for PC & consoles. The second game of Cave Digger sends gamers on a mysterious journey to an alt-western universe with ever-changing caverns filled with treasure, danger, etc. In addition to graphic improvements, the new version introduces brand-new game-changing updates, such as combat, optional cooperative mode, and […]