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Among Us is coming to VR this fall

Coming to us by way of creators Inner Sloth and award-winning VR devs Shell Games, the creators behind the “I Expect You To Die” series Until You Fall, and many others. VR edition of Among us would feature crews of four to ten players online. It will place you in a complete 3D location of a well-known spaceship, with all the same missions, emergencies, literal finger-pointing, and backstabbing we have all experienced. Players are looking forward to fixing some wires aligning the engines, emptying the garbage with their actual hands, or opening and peering through grates to sneak up and cut someone in half. You can check the official gameplay trailer, but it should be amazing in the first person. The meetings will be in person rather than on a chat screen, which would be a fun dynamic for the game itself.

Playing an imposter may look difficult, as you can’t see behind you unless you turn around to check if someone is there. The VR edition of Among Us is based on the official release but offers players a new perspective through the excitement of falsely blaming their friends for the murder.

Among Us VR Features:

– In-game chat: Communicate using your microphone or pre-made text patterns.

– Mini-games: Try your hand at classics or explore some new tasks in virtual reality

– Create your character appearance by selecting the Crewmate’s clothing and accessories.

– Player safety options: modify your preferences for the optimal experience.

– Cross-play: you may play with your Crewmates on Quest 2, Rift, and Steam, among other VR platforms, thanks to cross-play multiplayer.

– Locomotion: select between one- or two-handed movement settings.

– Localization: the virtual reality game Among Us currently provide 8 fully localized versions (English, German, Italian, Spanish, and others). Other languages will come with updates as well.

– Achievements system: players will get unique rewards and achievements for performing in-game actions.

Game developers stated: “We’ve worked on various concepts, but the current project with Inner Sloth and Robot Teddy releasing Among Us on VR platforms has also been satisfying. We worked together to make a unique product that would stimulate the active players, attract new players who are using VR for the first time, and delight fans of the well-known game.” Time to start an emergency meeting!

During VR gameplay, players can feel the same excitement and energy that brought many people worldwide together. Who doesn’t want to dive into a virtual world full of laughter, intrigue, and juicy backstabs for the holidays?

As for the launch date, the game will go on sale on November 10, but Among Us VR is now entering the public beta testing stage, and you can try your luck and sign up for the beta. If you decide to join the testing, you must enter your email and which VR headset you own. To be clear, Among US VR is only confirmed for the Quest 2 and PC VR, with future support for the PS VR 2 when it is released. Hopefully, there’ll be a cross-play between them, and everyone could play together.


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