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Demeo: VR board game, finally received AR feature.

Developers have already announced that they will continue to improve the functionality. Demeo is a turn-based board game where you can cooperate with other players to discover dungeons rich in valuables and monsters. There is a single-player mode as well as multiplayer. Demeo developers released a newer version for Meta Quest 2 and Pro at the end of last month. Mixed reality is a brand-new option for setting the game battlefield on your physical table or any flat surface. Now, all VR users can stay in their room during the game session, all thanks to the latest patch. More features are coming in the next Demeo update.

After introducing the mixed reality version, the developers’ team talked about new VR elements, like movement tracking, coming in the next update. Eventually, Demeo resembles a traditional Dungeon & Dragons game, where players pick cards and drag their character across the battlefield. It needs to be clarified whether the movement tracking will be effective. In Demeo, minor missteps can significantly impact the game, and getting your character killed to poor hand tracking may be highly upsetting. Resolution Games has yet to state which VR devices will have movement tracking or implementation of these options. We still need to get information about how long it will take to set everything up. What other aspects of VR gameplay should we expect shortly? Resolution Games suggested offline multiplayer in their post. Some advanced software will be used to improve minor in-game flaws.

As you can see in the trailer, multiplayer mode is basically for playing with your family or friends on the same VR game board while staying in the same room (as long as everyone has a suitable device).

Fans are still waiting for this mode to get an official release date. The preview on Twitter shows a local game session in AR. Take a look at the player masks.

Demeo – a great place for active community.

Demeo is considered one of the most popular titles on the marketplace and a perfect example of the next generation of VR games. Game developers have introduced a few additional challenges and two new hero classes since its launch in May 2021. Another unnamed project and an online PVP are arriving in the next year. During the current year, the company added the cozy basement, a VR Dungeons & Dragons location where Demeo enthusiasts may gather, play, or customize mini figures. The desktop version of Demeo 2D was released at the beginning of this year, providing cross play with VR devices, which means you can enjoy Demeo with anyone using the PC version. You can purchase Demeo for PS 5 and PSVR 2 in early 2023.


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