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Sony has quit working on VR games.

The team who developed PlayStation VR Worlds and Blood & Truth has revealed something non-related to VR. PlayStation London Studio is certainly among the most forward-thinking game developers. They are known for creating top-rated applications for consoles and devices, most notably PS VR, in the last 20 years. The trial game PS VR Worlds, marketed along with PS VR, was the first game for PS VR players. Blood & Truth, an AAA masterpiece, will be remembered as a very promising and pricey PSVR attempt, launched in 2019 by the London studio. Asobi Studio, which achieved a virtual reality breakthrough, showing Astro Bot, can compete with Sony’s PlayStation.

The latest title mentioned above company will not be in VR at all. A few days ago, they announced an original, unnamed project: a multiplayer action game in London’s mythical, alternative reality. The project will be presented exclusively for the PS 5 and will not include VR compatibility. As expected, it may be one of the developers’ most significant games, and we are not talking about ten upcoming concepts from Sony. Based on its effectiveness, software developers and designers will likely continue working on the project soon.

As long as developers have no plans to add virtual reality, the main director Stuart Whyte believes it uses technologies from the company’s VR period. “This unique title will show all PS5 features”. It is right to assume that part of the technology we’re employing took place in Blood & Truth – the same software used for PS4. In any case, VR games require some good hardware resources. Currently, there is only one VR title directly made by Sony. Unfortunately, one of the most outstanding and qualified VR companies will not have any plans for Sony VR Headset. Companies that created Stormland are most likely focusing on other projects. At the very least, Sony has not declared or suggested anything opposite. Fans may only expect that Sony has a few titles to announce. Horizon is Sony’s first officially announced VR-exclusive title. Talking about other games, check our list of all available PSVR2 projects.

We expect to see PlayStation VR 2 in early 2023.


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