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Top MMORPG games for VR:Zenith The Last City

MMOs are the most awaited VR content, and we are still waiting for some big projects. By now, you may expect to see virtual reality games like Roblox VR or World of Warcraft VR on the Quest. However, some projects may never be available due to VR system restrictions. Nevertheless, several MMO VR projects deserve player attention if you are looking for entertainment.


In 2021 Ramen VR released a new style of MMORPG. This game gave you a new perspective literally because it’s in VR. It became the best-selling game on Steam, which is an incredible achievement for a VR game. This game was top-rated upon release, had over 4 000 people online, and almost crushed their servers.

Unlike others in the genre, this is a narrow choice of characters. Each class can also choose its purpose in a group, where you select a damage dealer, a supporting character to heal your teammates, or a tank, where you take more damage and survive longer. This is commonplace in this genre with the option to pick a build and your class, which we think is an excellent option to have in-game. And once you get a proper build, you can also change it at any time, which we believe is a great system. With its large open world, this game only took up about four gigabytes of space on your headset. The game’s art style is impressive, especially since the textures are low-resolution and still look amazing. Due to the limitations, the combat isn’t physics-based, and your attacks go straight through enemies. Combat in these games has never been good. This is a genre that doesn’t require a lot of combat skills. These games instead focus more on the statistics of your character, requiring you to gain levels, upgrade your gear and equip the right skills to deal more damage. With that in mind, this is VR, and you need to stay engaged if you’re going to be wearing the headset. Zenith does a pretty good job at VR combat, a big open world, and a sufficient amount of content. Zenith can be considered a fair competitor compared to games like World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy.

Fairground VR

The other VR game that’s been active in development is Fairground. It is worth noting that a team of three developers did the game, so don’t expect it to be something big. Thus, the game has remained free to play from its inception until today. They hope to eventually make this a free-to-play large multiplayer online game similar to a Rec Room, and they have launched a test version that looks promising enough. As a game itself, it looks like an arcade simulator, where you can purchase avatars and in-game stuff with the money and tickets you earned from playing arcade games. The only marketable item is the pickaxe, used to get gold ore from the mountains. They hope to add quests and other skill trees in the future, but keep in mind that they’re only three programmers with zero funding. We will have to see what appears in their regular weekly updates, with the leading developer mentioning a life-size Pac-Man and a mini-game PVP shooter.

Ilysia is another ongoing VR game. This project was successfully funded on Kickstarter and has been in alpha testing for about a year. We can’t wait to see what they’re going to show because their method is similar to Zenith. Viewers can’t play it yet, but we’ll keep an eye out for new releases.


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