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VR Tabletop RPG Demeo DLC Al

A new RPG dungeon crawler that brings everything from traditional tabletop gameplay into unique VR gameplay.

Being a game that attempts to bring a feeling of sitting at a table playing a board game, Demeo most likely became something more than just a game. Once in a VR headset, things feel quite different as you rotate and zoom in, getting upfront and personal with characters that once were mere pieces on a game board and now stand life-size in your face. Thankfully hero characters and the multitude of enemy designs hold up to scrutiny even close to the former animated. Slightly giving the impression of breathing while it’s waiting its turn. The overall sharpness of the game is where Quest headsets will see a bit of a visual drop from the PC version. But regardless, Demeo has an incredibly polished look to it and an art style that feels like a comfort type of game, with lovingly sculpted characters and dungeons.

When you play with a friend, you are identified by a simple mask and your hands, ensuring the presence of a real board game player. Such a solution will prevent players from being too intrusive while you all move around the playing field. Beyond the table, you find yourself surrounded by a simple 80s-inspired basement – it is not the most detailed and fails to live up to the VR standard. Still, it didn’t need to, as the board is the game’s main area, and it nonetheless creates a relaxed background that fosters a relaxing and intimate experience in VR. All in all, Demeo is a class act with polished visuals that look great on PC or the Quest, making for a magical type of experience that is truly a joy to play inside.


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