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Liteboxer – VR Fitness App with Full-Body Workouts

The Liteboxer VR app received a full body mode update that is fun and utilizes the nature of virtual reality in a way that makes sense and gives you a great workout experience without you even realizing it.

Full Body Workout

Developers provide you with stuff outside of boxing. You have battle ropes that are super springy and bouncy, a speed bag to rack up points and hand speed, squats, squat pulses, reverse lunges, and double Dutch ropes. You’ll get a score based on how well you time your movements to the beat of the music, just like in the other Liteboxer activities. All these combined give you an excellent total-body workout that will leave you dripping in sweat. The trainers are fun and not distracting, and players can pick a rather male or female trainer. If the updates keep coming like this, it won’t be long before you see Liteboxer as the go-to app for fitness.

Motion Tracker

The Liteboxer app monitors your actions and scores your effectiveness according to speed, power, and technique. The software will use these statistics to calculate your approximate calorie intake.

Your exercises synchronize with the rhythm of famous performers such as Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, and The Weeknd. These workouts are similar to Supernatural, another famous virtual reality fitness app. Matt James, a former contestant on “The Bachelor,” is now the brand ambassador for Liteboxer, and he just showed up on “The View” to show the latest Total Body workout update.

 Don’t forget you can pay to be a member of Liteboxer crew with their subscription, but they also have a free version that you can use to check out all the available features. You can check out these new updates by downloading the free version of Liteboxer in the Quest Store.


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