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Cave Digger 2: Dig Harder Sends Players on an exciting Adventure in the Deep Underground

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Cave Digger 2: Dig Harder can be downloaded for PC & consoles.

The second game of Cave Digger sends gamers on a mysterious journey to an alt-western universe with ever-changing caverns filled with treasure, danger, etc. In addition to graphic improvements, the new version introduces brand-new game-changing updates, such as combat, optional cooperative mode, and player adjustment, with various physical aspects. Today the game is playable in VR, Steam, and PlayStation Virtual Reality, including multiplayer with another version.

Of course, Cave Digger 2: Dig Harder retains many features from the original one, including, for example, an upgraded mining method that is a key feature in this game. The process is designed using procedure-generated stages, which will change when users re-enter the caves. Other familiar features among fans of the first version of the main game are mazes, involving several plot twists and showing a unique perspective affecting the scenario. Meanwhile, so bellowed by everyone – Chompy’s companion chest also coming back, and he will return with friends.

Few Chompies will appear during the Cave Digger storyline.

You are playing as a prospector who starts his quest in a forsaken camp to retrieve treasures by exploring the caverns, changing them for better weapons or upgrades, and of course, new places to visit and progress in a fantastic adventure. New Frontier includes a lot of secrets and puzzles. If you are a true treasure hunter, follow the trail of the first explorer, Clayton. Investigate ancient underground, seaside caverns, and ancient ruins, as well as discover the pages of history about the great eldritch power giving you information about mysteries outside of space. Please find out about that secret guy Clayton and why he ended up in the Valley. The answer becomes obvious at the very end, but is that truly the journey’s end?

Watch the Launch Trailer video here:

Beginning of the Adventure

Once you enter mines, after finishing the demo level, Your character will arrive at a snowy valley alongside a little hut with a toolbox, an elevator, and a map. You will be given just a few tools at the beginning, but the more you continue to investigate the caves and mine the valuable veins within, the more you improve your equipment as well as purchase items that are suitable for use several times. You may find new terrains to mine for more resources: valuable stones, ore, and artifacts with improved tools.

There are four inventory slots to put tools in, including two in their belt and two in their hands. Every time you enter the caves, current choices are offered: pickaxe, hammer, shovel, handgun, scanner, gold pan, and some explosives. Your pickaxe may be useful to break down walls, and a shovel may be useful to dig up ground units. That gold pan you have was supposed to search for valuables underwater. The scanner reveals helpful details of the local environment and the pistol, which would be the most powerful thing for self-protection. You may use explosives to blow up obstacles, destroy unfriendly foes, and generally unleash chaos.

Every shaft includes three randomly generated locations. You will travel by elevator through these levels; you will always be able to climb to the surface after you allocate one of them. The player may store his findings by throwing any object over his back, just the same way as traveling with an open bag into which you could put your valuables. Once your bag is filled, the game has its filter system, preferring the most valued loot while the user gets some less expensive ones. Thus, if you carry a fully packed bag, you better keep going lower in looking for uncommon treasures while your character has optimal health. Use a handy glove to monitor player vitality and the size of your rucksack.

Anyone may create a lobby with up to 4 friends. Everyone may select his equipment for the current playthrough. Such team members may keep the loot inside any group member’s inventory. Everyone in the group receives the same amount of bounty, regardless of whose bag is filled. Dynamite, as well as trap explosives, trigger a friendly fire. That’s why you should be careful while using dynamite! A game works in cross-platform multiplayer mode, where anyone can join some random frontier match anytime during a playthrough. Although for those who gathered for solo gameplay, this game can be a perfect choice. Cooperative play does not require finishing any section in the main storyline.

And if you are interested in playing the original game before this one or don’t own a VR yet, Cave Digger is made playable on any VR device, including the Nintendo Switch, Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Game Controls and UI options

Once you begin to play, the user should inspect some in-game setups in the Options tab. Other settings include:

  • A smooth and click-camera movement.
  • Toggle mode for a grip.
  • Toggle mode for a player position and adjusting the arm angle.

A particularly created streamers mod for streamers that may be accessed in the “Visual Settings” tab. Enabling this feature enlarges the FOW for the streamer’s audience while maintaining your VR headset’s native field of view. You may also use the tumbler for more excellent Ambient light & Bloom Rate to customize it to your needs. There is also an option to enable subtitles. The game has been translated into eleven different languages, so you won’t have trouble understanding the in-game content.

Game Controls

Use the left stick to navigate, and pressing it switches from walk to run mode. Pressing the right stick moves the camera around; while pushing the right stick, the player will teleport to another location. Both left and right activate tools are currently in the arm, while the left trigger is used to equip a lighter, which can light up flares, and explosives and brighten up dark places. Use the left and right buttons to collect loot. Press A to jump and B to crouch. X on the left controller brings up the User Interface.


Bestiary shows you all kinds of loot, foes, and artifacts you have already found during the current save file playthrough. Each enemy is followed by description text, and here you may also examine every type of undiscovered enemy. Bestiary is a frequently opened place for a true game collector, but each gamer needs to look through the description frequently.

Shop Menu

Inside the local Shop, players will purchase additional equipment, upgrades, skins, constructions, and many other goodies that will turn frontier scouting into a more challenging way. Make sure you are buying the Worker’s Glove, which improves your regular glove by adding a unique magnetic feature, allowing you to collect multiple loot items in a row. Also, several tradable pieces of equipment include upgrades that alter their basic usage with amazing options.


Basically, it is a storage for Clayton The Greed comics pages you retrieve through the main story playthrough. Finish this collection to uncover one of the secrets of Clayton – the very first legendary treasure hunter. If you want to venture toward the game’s history or enjoy comic books, you should especially find this section a pleasure to complete.


This is where you view all the active quests you have accepted and check their status. Quests are optional, and you will receive a reward for completing them. The player shell notices the various missions in the campsite map table and picks them up by “grabbing” the task posters into your bag. A maximum of 3 active missions may be kept at a time, and you may delete any mission from here afterward and swap it with a different mission. The missions that are accessible vary on a regular basis.

Multiplayer options

In the “Multiplayer” section, you can look for public games. Feel free to set language filters, change regions, and add game tags, such as chill out, relaxing, exploring, chatting, streaming, as well as various gameplay areas. It also includes a list of friends to directly request to join the room, a group party feature, and a lobby ID at the top of the screen – one more method to connect to the host.


This is how you may report bugs and other issues. You’d like to submit. There is a title box and a description, with a checkbox to submit an image from the actual view you’re your game. At the bottom right, you will find an option to “Tap the face that fits your emotions,” with three choices for Clayton’s face. If you are familiar with Discord, try submitting a response via our Discord server.


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