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Take a look at Star Wars Virtual Reality Gameplay

Last week, a modder enthusiast uploaded a YouTube video of Star Wars gameplay in Virtual Reality. The mod is still a work in progress, but you can already see the trailer as a fantastic shooter ported to VR.

This Simon Brown port has motion-controlled lightsabers alongside a block of approaching shots, making it ideal for all your Storm Trooper slicing and dicing desires.

You can check the announcement on the Flat2VR channel, which took part in a short play through demo of Star Wars for the Meta Quest 2 platform. The trailer featured some spectacular lightsaber battles and a stunning view of the renowned in-game areas.

The developers intend to keep significant compatibility with existing Jedi Academy mods, which will provide HD graphics, motion tracking, and other features that are not originally part of the game. According to Team Beef’s Patreon, DrBeef had worked on several mods before beginning development on the initial Half-Life version for Oculus. Within the past years, Oculus remakes of the current games have been published and downloaded millions of times, maintaining 400,000 downloads annually. Numerous titles of popular games are also available on their page.

Those who enjoyed the first walkthrough will be happy to hear that it is finally playable on modern systems. It will be exciting to see how faithfully the current first-person shooter replicates the variety of decisions that gamers experienced in the original game.

One of Darth Maul’s abilities, a double-bladed lightsaber technique that looked clumsy in the original, will hopefully be reimagined with the new VR graphical enhancements.

Jedi Academy is the most recent episode in the famous franchise. Take play as a rookie who is ready to absorb all that Luke Skywalker has to teach them about the usage of Force.

Sadly, you can only try this version if you are an active Patreon. However, as soon as it comes out of beta testing, the modder intends to make this release available as freeware. In the trailer, you may notice how the player in first-person mode vigorously slices Stormtroopers into small pieces, and it’s worth noting that everything looks pretty good.

The complete release is coming in early 2023. In the meantime, Team Beef will release it to public access.


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