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Warhammer 40K Free-Roam VR Game Coming Soon

Try on your superhuman space soldier equipment in the brand-new multiplayer game.

Zero Latency, is considered as a worldwide provider of VR projects based on locations, revealed on September 2022 – a collaboration alongside Games Workshop to produce giant world VR game based on the extra-violent Warhammer 40K series. The project will possibly be announced in Zero Latency event in 2023 as unforgettable adventure to the widely expected Space Marine universe, presented at Game Award’s event back in 2021.

The game itself was, coded using the latest Unreal Engine Technology 5 video game software, should make you explore numerous iconic places with popular heroes taking part in the large Warhammer 40K metaverse. The gameplay providing up to 8 friends at once, sending everyone into battle as a squad of Space soldiers.

“Warhammer VR will become the most popular Warhammer game concept of last decades, meanwhile eagerly awaited by gamers worldwide.” According to the official statement, Jon Gillard (General Manager), “This is a spectacular expansion of the franchise.”

“Zero Latency show themselves as experts of creating interesting VR recreation of popular places from the real world, with one exact place near main Headquarters in Nottingham which we’ve visited!” Our team is cooperating directly with other experienced studio, and rest assured that confidence of current collaboration will result in a breathtaking VR reality universe which may amaze and excite everybody who has ever dreamed to become a Space Marine.”

“Bringing people within local universe of a Space Marine at very first time is a very special event for game fans,” said Scott Vandokelaar. “Working on the concept from the scratch here at Zero Latency for our next new gen system makes the final product even more fascinating.”

We are actually waiting for Space Marine 2 news, and you can already check some clips and trailers, but we donโ€™t know what this game looks or feels like. But a VR mode for Space Marine would literally be the best thing ever made.

“We’ve consistently worked to offer the world’s greatest flawless unique environments, so this new journey should provide amazing features that were previously inconceivable.” We’ve absolutely astonished by the feedback to Far Cry VR – our special collaboration with Ubisoft and nDreams – so we can hardly await to observe what they think of our newest project.”

Zero Latency now offers over 55 locations in 24 countries in which you may put yourself in a range of next-gen unrestricted adventures with 5K graphics, 360-degree sound effects, and refresh rate of 90 Hz.


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